Thank you for your interest in receiving an on-site or virtual visit by the Healthcare-Associated and Antibiotic Resistance Program staff.

We offer the following types of visits:

  • Infection Control and Response (ICAR)

Infection Control program assessment, review of CDC best practices, facilitated by a CIC-certified infection preventionist. Great review for new and experienced IPs. Assessment can be focused on a topic or the entire program. Provides observational feedback from an outsider, recommendations for improvement, and collaboration with ADH partners.

  • Outbreak Assistance

If you are experiencing an outbreak of a specific organism, the HAI team can help. Based on the severity and scope, the HAI team can assemble a
multidisciplinary team to come onsite and help develop mitigation strategies. (Level of response varies based on situation scope and severity).

  • Project Firstline

Project Firstline provides innovative and accessible infection control education for all frontline healthcare workers. Project Firstline offers various educational resources to meet the healthcare workforce's diverse learning needs and preferences.

Individualized Educational Sessions can be requested here:

Please fill out the survey below, and a staff member will contact you shortly to follow up and schedule a visit.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact

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